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Extend Learning Academies Network values 


We embrace individuality 

We do the right thing 

We work together


We all decided to teach because we wanted to make a difference for children and their families. Our ambition wasn’t limited to a single community but rather to all children, everywhere. The move into headship only strengthened this conviction. Whilst we share a common purpose, we recognise that all schools are on unique journeys within different contexts. We EMBRACE INDIVIDUALITY because our communities deserve more than just a franchise. 


Headship is about passionately and compassionately ensuring that every child in our care, every colleague, every parent and every governor becomes the best that they can be. It is a privilege to be a headteacher: a responsibility that is both humbling and awe-inspiring. We are the torch-holders for children’s futures. Our legacy will be measured in tomorrow’s society, long after the results of today. We therefore DO THE RIGHT THING, whether it’s the easy option or not, and we do so with integrity and moral purpose. 


WE WORK TOGETHER because we believe that a collegiate approach to continuous school improvement will provide the best provision for all our children - their extraordinary education will be borne out of shared experience, a range of knowledge and a broad viewpoint. We collaborate in a forum of openness and honesty. We celebrate mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow. We ask hard questions of ourselves and each other because we understand that only the test of fire makes the finest steel. 


Above all, we are a team.