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You [Lee] had a fantastic manner with the children - I liked seeing how you linked the warm up to the main activity, gave constructive feedback and ensured all children were engaged 


I liked the way the activities engaged the children throughout and there was no reason for a child not to be doing anything.  They were activities that had short introductions so children could easily grasp the idea of the activity and get on with it.


I felt the session was beneficial. It can be very difficult to deliver a quality PE lesson when time is limited so I will definitely be using some of your ideas. They were quick to set up and required very few resources making them perfect for those shorter PE sessions.


I can see how the activities could be easily adaptable to different ball skills I teach across the year.  This helps my confidence as I now have different strategies for teaching skills in a variety of ways.


Thank you so much for the plans Lee - we will use those next term. The session was fantastic - it gave me some excellent ideas, the children loved it and it definitely made me feel more confident - particularly when it wasn't quite working and you showed really well how to turn it around to make a new activity work.


The CPD was beneficial. I always feel that PE is one of my weaker areas to teach as it is not a favourite of mine, but it is more to do with ideas and transitions.  The CPD gave me lots of support with both of these areas.


All children were included and he spent time with those who found it tricky. I like the personal best challenges.  I would welcome more training.


Lee is a very professional and enthusiastic person to work with and always brings new skills to the sessions.


Lee has done a fantastic job. His professionalism with the children was excellent. He very quickly built a good relationship with all the children.


All of the children loved the PE lessons with Lee as he was inclusive of all the children's needs. The children engaged brilliantly and Lee demonstrated each activity effectively with the help of the groups of children


I have gained more confidence in delivering PE lessons. Lee helped deliver the PE lessons and showed great ways of delivering PE in different ways to encourage team building and good communication


Lee been very supportive in explaining the lessons and how this helps the children to progress he has also suggested next steps for the class to help to inform my future planning


Children were engaged and motivated throughout. They really enjoyed improving and beating their personal bests.


The children looked forward to Mr Molland's session each week and really understood the reason that these games had been devised.  Mr Molland has excellent rapport with the pupils - they really believe that he is there to support them and that he understands the pressures of being in Year 6.


I love teaching PE but remember not really enjoying it myself at school. Your lessons are great and have given me lots of great ideas that keep children moving and that can be adapted too! It has given me a greater repertoire of games and fun activities that have a specific purpose. I love the personal best and we refer to this in class too!


You don't always see things when you are teaching them. It was great the way the children have developed and become more confident. It was nice to hear that a child in my class completed a session and had a go and didn't cry. Proof that it is effective in building confidence and resilience, even for small children!


The children LOVE PE and even though they have varied skills are all able to access the activities. I have never played Bench Ball but I loved it alongside the children...I may have got a little carried away!


"The way Mr Molland taught us was so good- he taught us in steps and broke it up in little bits for us to learn". "He was a really good teacher for PE because when we struggled he was patient and it helped us a lot." "I really enjoyed the lessons. He made sure we understood before he taught us more." "I liked the way that Mr Molland didn't just say " This is how we play tennis, let's go." He built it up so well, so that we were really confident."


The children (and I) really got a lot from it and were talking about all the looking and stopping skills still by the final session. I am sure this will continue, as we repeated it every week and I could see them applying this in their lessons... I shall watch them at beak time and see how they are! The virtual Teams sessions worked remarkably well. The children also loved having a sneak (virtual) peak inside your house... proof that you're a "real" person! 😉


We have a couple of children who get quite tearful if they don't win or don't get the highest score. Mr Molland was very clear at their very own personal best and this has really helped those children.


I found the sessions really useful - I loved how there was a clear progression of skills throughout the sessions, the warm up games and activities that the children did were brilliant and there was always time for children to reflect and evaluate their learning.