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ELAN members fulfil the requirements of company law (receiving accounts, appointing further members, changing the memorandum etc.). They are tasked with assessing if the board of trustees is performing well and, as such, are ensuring that the purpose of the trust is being met and its charitable object is being fulfilled. Each member will bring knowledge and expertise in his or her specific areas of practice including practical guidance where relevant. The members hold and attend an annual general meeting (AGM) once a year.


Board of Trustees

ELAN trustees have overall responsibility and ultimate decision-making authority for all the work of the trust. The trustees will oversee the educational standards, performance and finances of all the academies in the trust and meet the government guidelines on safeguarding, equality and diversity. It will be up to the board of trustees to decide what matters to delegate to the local governing body through the scheme of delegation.


MAT sub - committees

The board will establish MAT sub-committees as it considers necessary. Membership of these committees will come from the board of trustees who will form the majority of committee members, additional expertise will be brought into the committees through other individuals who have the requisite skills.


Local Governing Bodies

Each school within the Extend Learning Academies Network (ELAN) has a Local Governing Body (LGB) who have defined delegated responsibilities. LGBs perform an essential role in providing local governance as well as providing important accountability information and local knowledge which assists the trustees in the fulfillment of their duties. The remit of the LGB includes:

  • Maintaining an overview of the standards and educational performance of the school.
  • Providing support and challenge to the headteacher.
  • Monitoring the financial performance of the school to ensure that its money is well spent as appropriate to the scheme of delegation.