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Friday's Appreciation Day

Tomorrow is our slightly ambitious #weappreciateyou 'project'. And as BBC Radio Bristol are involved let's show the world how we do things in our schools and communities! This is happening at 12:00pm at Bournville Primary School Locking Primary SchoolOldmixon Primary School Mendip Green School ForumMilton Park Primary SchoolWalliscote Primary School Windwhistle Primary SchoolFriends of Mead Vale Primary SchoolFriends of Locking School (FOLS)


Why? To show that we really do value each and every single person working to keep the world operational and functioning as well as trying to protect every one of us. AND To provide a sense of community, and boost morale for key workers right now.


Who are key workers to you? They could be: NHS, medical professionals, food distributors including shops and delivery, farmers, all school staff, teachers, fire service, police, online shopping delivery staff, utility companies and so on.

Home schoolers: Friday morning instructions.
• Children to think about who key workers are and choose one.
• Write the job title on a piece of paper decorated with a rainbow. Maybe with a thank you and #weappreciateyou
• To begin: Hold up the pieces of paper. Put the pieces of paper down under foot
• 12:00pm One minute continuous applause on video. If you can not video then photographs will be ok but hold up your paper. 
• If videoing, finish with a loud shout saying We appreciate you!
• Remember social distancing rules!
• By 1:00pm this is to be uploaded to your social media accounts. 


If you are able to help those (whilst remaining safe) who do not access social media that would be great. We don't want to exclude anyone because of that!


You must tag us on FB (ELAN - Extend Learning Academies Network) and Twitter (ExtendLAN) otherwise we may miss it and be unable to include. IT WILL BE ASSUMED that anything tagged will be ok to re-publish and that the correct permissions are in place.Hashtag for all social media posts: #weappreciateyou


Following this, it would be really nice in the following days to produce photographs, comments, drawings, letters (i.e. open letter to the paramedics for example) that are photographed and posted online (tagging us) under the same hashtag #weappreciateyou

Video needs to be 1:10 MAX in duration. (five seconds either side of the one minute applause. This will help all videos look consistent.


Thank you so much for your help. And bear with us while we put it all together.