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Online safety conduct

Educating our children in 'Online Safety' is such an important part of keeping children safe and we really need your help in ensuring that our children have responsible online role models when posting and sharing content on social media sites. We love social media and we love the engagement between school and home that happens every day.


We are always working collectively to make sure that all members of the community behave safely and appropriately online. We promote responsible internet use and acknowledge how important your role and our role is in setting a good example of positive and responsible online behaviour for your child. 


As responsible adults, we all must consider the potential impact and implications of online behaviour for ourselves and our families, as well as other members of the community. We ask you to consider how comments may be misunderstood or misinterpreted when shared online, and the possible impact and consequences on others of our online actions. 


Naming people online puts them at safeguarding risk, wether this be a child, member of staff, another parent and so on. It causes threats to privacy and reputation as well as potential harassment and identifying an individual.


We know that things aren't always perfect and there is always room for improvement and if you have any concerns or complaints regarding a school, then we we have official channels and processes to follow. By doing so, we can all work together to help resolve the concerns. 


The complaints procedure, anti-bullying policy, safeguarding and child protection policy and behaviour policy are available online via our website


We really do appreciate your ongoing help with keeping safe online.


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