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Teachers in ELAN had their first training day on Wednesday 19 April 2023 for the Opening Worlds curriculum. Introducing Opening Worlds’ curriculums for history, geography and religion, is the next step in our pursuit to ensure an extraordinary curriculum entitlement for all pupils in Extend Learning Academies Network.

 ‘It was a really inspiring session.’ Headteacher

‘I was really motivated by Christine’s passion and I am really looking forward to teaching it.’ Teacher

‘Opening Worlds has powerfully secured the curriculum as the progression. The way that children’s vocabulary is developed through the curriculum is very powerful.’ School Effectiveness Lead

‘Christine exemplified our first, second and fifth pedagogy principles perfectly! She absolutely has a clear picture of beautiful and intricate learning; she knows it - the whole curriculum and she delivered the training with masses of passion.
Steve's storytelling had me hooked! I hung on his every word and I know our pupils will be the same with our teachers using this effective pedagogical approach when they deliver the Opening Worlds curriculum.’ Innovation & development lead

Opening Worlds is a knowledge-rich humanities programme for teaching history, geography and religion in Years 3 to 6. We provide curriculum resources together with training, support and ongoing programme-related professional development for primary school teachers. Because of its rapidly discernible effects on literacy and highly inclusive approach, Opening Worlds quickly gained appeal in schools tackling under-achievement in areas of social disadvantage.